"It's Like Magic!" She Said

It's been four and 1/2 weeks, but now we have hot water running from our faucets!  

What better way to celebrate than with baths* all around.

I even gave a good scrubbing to the baby who's only happy once he's OUT of the tub.

*Don't worry.  We went down to my mom's a couple of times for baths during the last month.  We're not total Elizabethans.


Deborah Johnson said...

Such a toothy grin. :)

Abigail said...

Watch out! (CHOMP.)

Renata said...

Aw he is soooo... cute!
I currently have a two year old here who thinks along those same lines about bathtime. At least he gets to give his lungs a good workout!!!

Abigail said...

The problem with that is that bedtime comes *every* night. At least baths can be avoided for a while! ;)