We're All of Us the Same.

Today I went to a funeral home for the first time since November, and, suddenly, there were no months in between.

I glanced at photo albums brimful of a handsome young man, walked by the broken body he no longer needs, and hugged his grieving family.

Nearly six months have passed since November tenth, and some days it seems so long ago.  Once in a while, life seems normal, even, regular.  Other days I walk around with a hole in my chest.

This earth is a beautiful place.  It can't help but be, with the imprint of the Creator in every particle. Even the dust mote glows in slanting window-light.  This earth is also rife with sorrow.  It can't help but be, with the yoke of sin.  Sometimes, I hear the earth groan, and I answer back.  Sometimes I see that big, hollow hole gape in someone else's chest, and I know that we're all the same, the whole world over.

I am so sorry for your loss.  I am so sorry for your loss.


Deborah Johnson said...

I know. I know. It is good that you went, though, for Kim. It's strange how the holes in our chests can ache so much, all unexpected. Today it was when I had wee Aidan trying to get him to fall asleep. We were over by the pond listening to peepers. It comes in flashes more than full days now, and it always catches by surprise.

cadie said...

I'm so sorry for the holes and the aches you have to bear. It's hard to see those you love in that state and be unable to patch it up or make it better. I was thinking about it yesterday, too.

Abigail said...

I'm glad you had that baby. (Peepers do it to me, too.)

Knowing that everyone carries the same holes and aches and being helpless in the face of them illumines the great hope of Christ. Many members of this family don't have that hope, and my words sounded tinny without its undergirding. I pray He brings them the only comfort.

Molly said...

You've perfectly described this journey. Special memories come to mind so very often. Their passing has made me become more diligent in rescuing the lost so that they too, will have HOPE in JESUS and an eternal home with HIM.

Much love!

Renata said...

((Hugs)) Abigail. I'm praying for you and your family. God often brings you to mind even though I haven't had the chance to slip on here for a while.

Renata said...
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