Birthday Evening

Millie made my birthday supper, as well as a Mississippi Mud pie (my first) and one of my favorite beverages (eggnog!) for the birthday dessert.  

Annika took 20-odd pictures, as well as a video I didn't know she was taking.  Here are a few of the pictures, so that you can vicariously experience the pleasure of washing down the world's richest pie with the world's richest beverage.

(Oh, and Millie made that striped Where's Waldo hat!  She made it for herself without using a pattern and then didn't like the result, so I snagged it.  I wear it nonstop.  The girls can find me in a crowd any day of the week.)

Even when I'm disguised as a birthday pirate.

Homemade eggnog can't be beat.

NAN!  Here's the part where you come in.  Backstory One.  Lately I've been pretending that I'm Susannah's wicked stepmother when I make her wash the dishes.  In the grand style of fairy tales, I tell her that if she was only my real child, she wouldn't have to do any work at all.  Backstory Two: My friend Nan has a menagerie which includes milk goats, and she sent our family the most delicious goat's milk fudge a few months back.  We all loved it, and the girls think goat's milk fudge is the undisputed king of the fudge world.

So, during the party, we heard a car motor, Susannah rushed to the window and announced that the mailman was here, and then ran outside to get the package.  She brought in a mailing envelope and dumped this fudge out of it onto the table, announcing, "NAN SENT GOAT'S MILK FUDGE!!!!"

I believed her until I noticed the orange envelope was blank on both sides.  That stinker had secretly made fudge and wrapped it to look like yours, Nan.

You also sent an accompanying card.

"Dear Abbie, 
Happy birthday!
I certanly hope you don't throw 
this goat milk fudge in the 
garbage! (on second thought, Why don't

much love, 
you're stepdaghter (Nan hassey)"

p.s. We didn't throw your fudge in the garbage.  We fought over the last scraps of it like ruffians.


Nanno said...

Oh no! Our secret is out! How did Susannah ever find out you had another stepdaughter??

By the way, I've been meaning to call and tell you how much fun I had reading all the thank-you notes from you and the girls. What fun!! :) :) :)

Abigail said...

Oh, good! Glad you got them. The girls woke up around 5:30 this morning. I'd told them if they woke up early, I'd let them read your blog for a while. Boom! Instant leverage!

Rebecca said...

Amazing birthday girl day-makers! So nice to have such handy girls to dote on you!

(And that fudge was gooooood!)

cadie said...

Haha, Susannah is so funny. "On second thought, why don't you?" Love her quirky, humorous self.

Abigail said...

Me, too. :) She's one in a zillion.