Birthday Morning

While Ezekiel grinned in my bed upstairs, 

the baby waited for me downstairs.

Since the boys were the only ones awake with me, I bided (bode?) my time taking a few picture of Aidan wearing this cute hat his cousin made for him.  (Thank you, Candida!)

He tried to immediately foil my plan.

Lucky for us, he looks cute without a hat, too.

And while I was taking pictures of a hatless baby in the library,

his brother waited for me on the steps.  (That gate is the BEST THING EVER.)

I consoled him by reading books about large machinery.

with a baby at my feet. (Look at those chompers, hm?!)

Sweet boy.

Last one of the morning.  The girls woke up, and Millie made me birthday breakfast.  She asked me to take a picture of a muffin tower, but this moustachioed man just couldn't keep away.

(Double chocolate strawberry  muffins, to come someday to buildabelly.)


cadie said...

I don't know why, but something about his look in the pictures of Aidan with the hat reminds me of Millie when she was little. I just came across some pictures of Millie and Deirdre when they were little on our computer, so I guess you could say it was fresh on my mind. :P

Abigail said...

Most of the time he reminds me of Luci, but I remember when he was first born, I thought he looked exactly like a newborn Millie, so I bet he looks like both!