Annika was over-the-moon-happy about her birthday skirt, which, in turn, made me so happy.  She and I share green as our favorite color and stripes as our favorite pattern, so the fabric was an easy choice.  I've been blessed with oodles of hand-me-down fabrics and notions, and I'd set this length of vintage, stripey green aside as soon as I saw it, with the Nixie in mind.

She is a longtime lover of stripes, so this was a win-win.  (In fact, Heidi, my experience with Annika makes me believe that Sisi will be a staunch lover of polka dots when she's eleven and beyond.)

Annika disappeared for a few minutes before coming downstairs like this, bursting with delight over her discovery that she could fit a crinoline skirt under her birthday skirt, thereby warranting it twice as fancy. Wearing fancy ball gloves never hurt anyone, either.

I used this free pattern, which I can't heartily recommend only because, as a novice skirt-maker, I found it too vague and confusing in parts.  If you know what you're doing, though, you could probably make this without a pattern!  I made the hem fabric significantly narrower and the waistband wider than the pattern calls for, plus, I made the waistband extra long so that Annika can still wear it when she's sixteen.  It would nearly fit me if the button was moved all the way to the end, so my lazy self is hoping it will last for several years.

To top off the birthday wardrobe excitement, Mopsy made her this skirt and scarf.  (Did I mention that Annika also loves bright colors? Well, she does.)


Cassie said...

You did a great job! Annie looks so happy and a lot older in that outfit!

heidiann(e) said...

So pretty!

And here's to many years of stripes & polka dots for each of us! I don't mind one bit.

Sigrid recently declined a SPARKLY shirt over a polka dot one at the second-hand store. So, yes, this love runs quite deep.

Abigail said...

Happy, yes! Older? NAW. :)

Obviously, sparkles have nothing on polka dots, but, if one were to find a sparkly shirt with polka dots....BLISS.

cadie said...

Yay for COLORFUL!!!