Hide and Go

Here are too many pictures, posted heedlessly, because it's always easier for me to just post them ALL.  Also, this way the Grandma who provided a chunk of the sugar in those baskets gets to see the hunt!  [Every last second of it.]


What's this?



I love Annie's nonplussed non-pose here.  She looks like Annie Oakley.

How convenient to have a basket of laundry waiting to be folded in the corner!  I didn't hide it when company arrived because I knew it might come in handy. Yeah, that's why...

Then we moved outdoors to better enjoy the snowy Easter.

Luci peeks from the bathroom window to spy on our secret work.
(Lucinda-- no cheating!)



Whoah.  That was quick.


In this picture I captured Susannah, about to ruin her chances for finding an Easter basket.

I thought I was safe because Susannah's not the most athletic of our girls, but wouldn't you know, she smacked the lens front and center about a split second after this picture!

I let her find her basket anyway because I'm a sweet and loving person.



[Brief interlude of Zeke.]

Annika, again, helped in the hunt.

WHY DOES SHE LOOK SO OLD HERE?!  (Sorry for shouting.  I do want to know, though.)

Two seconds later, jackpot!


By this point, I was freezing and just wanted to rest my bones,

so I hid her basket right next to the door.


The End.


trawlerman said...

I couldn't help but notice the nearly complete set of Lafferty novels on that one shelf. What a lovely family... of books. -Anonymous Lafferty Fan

Abigail said...

Dear Anonymous Lafferty Fan,

Here's an invitation to tour our Lafferty Library of Love and Loons at your earliest convenience. We are still waiting for the completion of the library, but once we sell our firstborn, we should have enough scraped together for those last few volumes.

We'll give you room and board for next to nothing. Come visit!